RAM-Snap, Patent Pending, is a revolutionary product designed to simplify the process of boarding up inspection holes created in concrete block walls. With a RAM Snap and our Installation Tool you're ready to go. No more nail guns, compressors, hoses or nails. No more equipment repairs or replacements. With RAM Snap you can reuse your cover plates hundreds of times making RAM Snap the economical choice.

V-Strap installation

We strongly recommend using the V-Strap installation method for all holes for the best results with RAM-Snap.

RAM-Snap Installation
Larger and Oversized Holes
Remove Cover Plates in Seconds
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RAM-Snap is Currently Being Used Internationally by thousands of satisfied customers!

Testimonials from Masonry Contractors

Engineering Letter of Approval!

RAM Snap uses for the I.C.F. Industry

Let's Compare the Ram-Snap System and the Nail on Method!
Clearly, with the RAM-Snap System, the block integrity is fully preserved! No chipped or cracked blocks!
Nail Method
The RAM-Snap System